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Injury or pain can really limit your activities. It can be tempting to do nothing and hope it will go away, but it just does not go away. Little nagging injuries can add up quicker then you think!

Different physical therapy approaches change how quickly you get back to living your best life. We know how life-changing the results can be with the appropriate treatment.

At KINETIC, we design a plan to get you moving again without having to do countless exercises or spend too much time in treatment. Also, we help you stay motivated and on track until you achieve your recovery goals. We are with you every step of the way.

The first step is a 20-minute complimentary discovery meeting to get to know you. You are welcome to come into the clinic or talk over the phone. We’ll discover how we can help you and make sure that we are the right fit for you.

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Healing Happens Here

Since 2011, KINETIC PHYSICAL THERAPY has helped clients in the West Hills area of Huntington, NY, recuperate, recover and rejoin their best lives.

September 2019, KINETIC opened the doors at our second location in East Meadow, NY! We look forward to being a part of this community by providing world-class care in this neighborhood.

Snehal Gadkar-Tobkes - PT, DPT, OCS

  • Owner of Kinetic Physical Therapy, East Meadow & Huntington, NY 
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy, New York Institute of Technology 2004
  • Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, American Physical Therapy Association
  • Functional Movement, Therapeutic Exercise & Manual Therapy Specializations
  • Active Release Technique (ART) Spine, Upper, and Lower Extremity

Snehal has been practicing the art of helping people make better decisions about their health since 2004 when she completed her training as a physical therapist. A life-long learner with interests in how the human body works and the benefits of a proper diet, she enjoys exploring new ways of movement and exercise. Snehal enjoys working with people who also want to live their best life. 

"I believe that we have to find a work-life balance. Spending time with family and friends, walking on the boardwalk and trails, creating mosaics and painting are just some of the things I love to do. I'm also lucky enough to love what I do for work and truly enjoy helping people achieve the work-life balance that they deserve. We need to take care of ourselves more than we sometimes do. Prioritize and put YOU first. I know because I've been there too."

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