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COVID-19 Updates

May 4, 2020

As an essential services provider, Kinetic Physical Therapy is open for urgent care visits to help our clients during this extraordinary time. For all other non-urgent care needs, we are offering physical therapy through our virtual meeting platform! 

How does a Virtual Visit work?

First, we start with a complimentary 20-minute Discovery Session, scheduled at a time convenient for you. Dr. Snehal will speak with you to determine if Kinetic PT is the right fit for you. 

During the discovery conversation, we get to know you and provide plenty of time for you to tell us your journey up to this point. We can either speak over the phone or 'Facetime' through your smartphone or computer. On your computer or smartphone, the virtual meeting space connects through a link that you will receive via email or text from us. 

Just click on the link, which will arrive a few minutes before your appointment time, enter the password, and your expert will be on the other end, ready to see you and help you. It's that simple!

For clients that like to be extra prepared, we can do a How-To-Walk-Through before the actual visit. Just let us know when you schedule, and let us talk you through this short and easy process ahead of time!  *Helpful Tech Tip: Close all other streaming applications using WiFi (such as Netflix or YouTube). Our virtual visit meetings will run with fewer interruptions or loss of signal (this may also include family members using smartphones or laptops).

For discovery phone consultations, please schedule around 20-30 minutes where you will be at home and in a quiet room so that we can have a conversation without interruption. This is your time and we want to make sure to address all your concerns.

What do we do in a Virtual Visit?

It's very much the same as what we do at in-person physical therapy but in the privacy of your own space at home and at a time that is convenient for you!

Set-up is easy and all you need is enough space to move around, lay down comfortably if required, and a chair to sit in. Ample lighting that is in front of you so that we can see each other, lighting that is behind you will cast a shadow over your face, making it difficult to see your expressions.

We want to know, what does a successful outcome to your problem look like? what do you value?

That's what we talk about in your first 20 minutes Discovery Session via Phone or Virtual Visit platform Zoom.

If we are the right fit for you, we proceed to the Initial Evaluation session (this part must be in the Virtual Visit platform, in order to assess movement and mobility effectively).

Does my Insurance cover Virtual Visits and TeleHealth?

As of April 2020, Medicare is allowing coverage of Telehealth Physical Therapy in the format of a 20-25 minute phone consultation. Medicare allows for the continuation of the current plan of care for current patients, with telehealth visits, once every 7 days.

New patients to Kinetic with Medicare as the primary insurance, unfortunately, the initial evaluation via Telehealth, is not covered. We can offer complimentary discovery visits and private pay treatment visits via Virtual Visit platforms.

Private insurance companies may cover Telehealth and are dependent on the plan type. It is advised for the client to contact their insurance company to inquire about out-of-network coverage for Telehealth. Kinetic Physical Therapy is an out-of-network provider for all major insurance companies.

How many visits will I need, and what does it cost?

Most painful conditions can be resolved in as few as 3 to 6 visits. The vast majority of problems can be completely gone within 8 to 12 visits for a transformation in how you move and how you feel! Simple solutions for lasting results.

When we take you on as clients, it's because we know that we can get you the results you need to get your life back, to get you moving again, to get you back to what you love doing!.

If you are not completely satisfied after the first visit, we will refund you the cost of your treatment package. Without anything to lose, but your time, which some of us have a lot of these days :) you will, at the very least, gain a better understanding of what is helping and what is not helping.


How can I get better without hands-on treatment?

Dr. Snehal has been practicing manual therapy since 2004 and realized very early in her career that she had the 'gift of touch.' So she continued in her quest for knowledge of technique by pursuing certifications in myofascial therapy and functional movement as well as movement philosophies such as Pilates and Yoga.   

Message from Dr.Snehal:

As one of my favorite clients, Rebecca, has said, “Dr. Sne, you have hands that read Muscle like ‘Braille’. It’s like you magically find and fix muscle and nerve problems that have resisted even the best of massage, physio and chiro treatments!”

I am always humbled by how much I can help people with my hands and have often thought, what would I do if I couldn't use my hands anymore? Well, in the best way possible, without any injury, LOL, I've found out now during this time of social distancing, that I CAN STILL HELP A LOT!".

So many of Dr. Snehal's clients, at first, were skeptical of the effectiveness of her treatments if she couldn't touch them. But, after the first session, they realized that though her hands-on therapy felt amazing and helped with the healing process, it was her knowledge that got results.

To diagnose correctly and provide an efficient prescription of targeted exercises and movement adjustments can only come with experience. Dr. Snehal is a clinical specialist in Orthopedics and a myofascial therapy expert. She has been helping people get relief from muscle, joint, and nerve injuries without having to rely on pain pills, endure painful injections, or face difficult and invasive surgery.

Get expert treatment in the privacy of your own home or office, it all starts with The Discovery Session. Book today to get started!

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March 18, 2020

Dear Kinetic Physical Therapy family,

Because we are committed to the health and safety of our community, we have decided to temporarily stop all in-office visits at Kinetic Physical Therapy as of Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

Our mission is to help you make the best decisions about your health and support you through your recovery so you can get back to doing the things you love.

We are committed to keeping our promise in helping you achieve the goals you have set when you come here from day one! As such, you will not have to wait to start your treatment as we will be providing online sessions in lieu of office visits until we are allowed to meet in-person again.

Patient education and exercise including strength training are the MOST SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN interventions that contribute to positive long term outcomes in ALL patient populations and ALL conditions (with the exception of when exercise is contraindicated). Our goals are to continue to provide you with the most ESSENTIAL part of your treatment sessions: education, guidance, coaching, strengthening and most of all CONFIDENCE in your body's ability to heal and be strong. These things will continue to push you forward toward reaching the goals that you have set without slipping backward during this indefinite time. Plus, this is a great opportunity for me to see how you are actually doing these exercises at home!

For our online physical therapy sessions, you will need...

☑️A stable internet connection

☑️A mobile device (laptop, tablet or phone)

☑️Minimal space so that you can perform your workout with supervision and guidance from me...and a yoga mat if you prefer one

☑️Some basic pieces of equipment (foam roller, lacrosse ball, resistance band or 2, chair and a dumbbell and/or kettlebell if you have one)

We know that many of you may not have all the equipment at home to perform the exercises and movements. So we are allowing you to come into our office and 'sign out' a piece of equipment (dumbbell, resistance bands, etc.) that you would like to borrow during this time. This equipment will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can always come back in a week or so to swap out your piece of equipment with another if you'd like...

For those who we have not seen in the past few months, this is a great opportunity to update and upgrade your exercise routines and make sure that you are doing well. No prescription needed for a refresher session!

As always, if you have any questions about logistics and cost, please feel free to reach out to us, or fill out the contact form and we will be speaking with you very soon to get these virtual visits started!

Warmest regards, Dr. Snehal, Jessa and Todd

March 16, 2020

At Kinetic Physical Therapy, your health and well-being is our top priority.

We are monitoring recommendations from the health authorities and we are open to provide the personal care needed for our patients treatment and journey to recovery.

We would like to share some details on the standard daily practices which we have always had at our clinics in addition to extra steps we are taking in light of the virus.

Standard practices that our patients have always experienced at Kinetic Physical Therapy include:

  • All of our linens are single use and are cleaned using detergent on high heat
    Wiping down of all treatment beds and equipment after each use with hospital grade disinfectant
  • Our clinics are fully equipped with hand washing stations as well as hand sanitizer
    Cleaning high-touch areas with medical grade disinfectant (e.g., door handles, common area surfaces, railings, chairs, light switches, payment machines, exercise equipment and treatment tools)
  • Our staff wash their hands thoroughly between treating each patient

Additional steps we are taking now include:

  • Additional training to our staff on increased sanitization/hand hygiene recommendations
  • Advising our staff to stay home if they are feeling unwell or have travelled by air in the last 14 days or have had close contact with someone who has travelled by air in the previous 14 days
  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning all items listed above
  • Monitoring information from our health authorities to adjust our plan based on recommendations

We know that the COVID-19 virus can be alarming and a bit scary. At Kinetic Physical Therapy, we see this as a partnership journey with you as we make it a priority to take care of each other.

The steps that we have put in place are due both to our love for our patients but also for our great staff who are here for our patients.

We can all play a role in this joint battle with the virus.

We respectfully request that our patients:

  • Wash their hands prior to entering our facility and use hand sanitizer in our lobby
  • Reschedule appointments for a future date if you are feeling unwell, have travelled by air in the previous 14 days or have had close contact with someone who has travelled by air in the previous 14 days

Here are some tips that we can all follow in our daily lives:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water (for at least 20 seconds). Alcohol based hand sanitizer is a good option if soap and warm water is not available
  • Cover your mouth and nose with the inside of your elbow when coughing or sneezing
  • Regularly clean high touch objects and surfaces
  • Avoid contact with people who are sick
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • If you feel sick, stay home and avoid public spaces

At Kinetic Physical Therapy, the health of our patients is the cornerstone of why we exist. We look forward to continuing to be a partner in your health and wellness journey and taking steps with our patients to create a healthy and sanitary environment.

The team @ Kinetic Physical Therapy

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