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Client Stories that may speak to you...

Denise, Age 53

Huntington, NY

Real Estate Agent, and Mom to three kids in college, she plays tennis once a week and also does Pilates and Yoga a few times a week. She recently noticed that those old ‘nagging’ aches and pains are not getting better despite an active exercise routine. Feeling limited in the enjoyment of the exercise also makes her feel older then she is, especially when her kids want to be active and she "can't because of arthritis pain".

Her Story: diagnosed with herniated discs in the neck and lower back, sacroiliac joint problems, and arthritis in the shoulders and knees. Without regular exercise and movement, the body feels very stiff, diet is ok but could probably eat better, feeling the metabolism changing with menopause, weight gain is now a concern. 

Her Goal: play tennis without worrying about injuring the knees and have a better range of motion in the shoulders with Pilates movements and find out what is causing the nagging, lingering joint pains.

How Kinetic Has Helped: Joint and muscle mobilization, myofascial release therapy, sport/activity specific joint protection strategies with targeted strength training, a home program for continued success. Education on diet and the inflammatory food’s relationship to pain sensitivity. Exploring yoga, pilates, walking for exercise and bone-density building exercises. Denise is excited about working out again!

Sarah, Age 56

Merrick, NY

Finance executive with a very demanding work-load, now working from home, mostly a sedentary lifestyle with spurts of exercise activity, inconsistent because of time constraints and disengagement with ‘workout routines’ and gyms.  Tried to do yoga and stretching because "that’s what everybody does to feel better" but found that lower back pain was getting worse.

Her Story: chronic lower back pain, post-menopause, breast cancer survivor and in remission for 5 years, above-average body weight for height and age group, has been told by many doctors to lose weight to feel better, still has not found a diet plan that she likes or can stick to, but tries to eat healthily. A former athlete who was very flexible and is still quite flexible but finds stretching makes things worse.

Her Goal: Find out what to do about the chronic lower back pain, have a simple exercise routine to follow that can be done in a minimum amount of time and not cause more pain or be too difficult to do, and to be able to walk more for exercise.

How Kinetic Has Helped Her: Sarah discovered that she has hypermobility in all her joints and that stretching is the last thing she needs to be doing! Plan of care that includes stabilizing and strengthening, the correct muscle groups to activate and the ones to quiet down, intense myofascial release therapy, lumbar spine health education. Had her first pain free work-week and is looking forward to walking outside on the trails again!

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