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Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is used to help heal acute and chronic pain, back pain, carpal tunnel, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, muscle strain, bursitis, tendonitis, and other injuries. The TerraQuant® laser therapy system provides pain relief and healing through an FDA cleared modality using patented multiple therapeutic radiances. The different radiances work synergistically to accelerate treatments and reduce recovery times.

Healing With Light at the Cellular Level

The goal of cold laser therapy is to deliver light energy units (in photons) to damaged cells. Photons are absorbed by the cells and stimulate the mitochondria to accelerate production of ATP. The biochemical increase in cell energy helps accelerate the bodies healing process by transforming cells from a state of damage to a stable, healthy state.

TerraQuant® Super Pulsed Lasers deliver higher peak power while maintaining the highest degree of safety of any therapeutic laser (Up to 50 watts). It is more effective in delivering photons to deep tissues compared to Class I-III continuous and modulated lasers and unlike Class IV continuous lasers, the pulsing technology of the TerraQuant® laser eliminates the risk of thermal damage to a tissue.

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The TerraQuant® is unique because it uses 3 different techonologies to acheive maximum healing:

  • Super Pulsed Laser (905nm) produces a high power level of impulse light at a billionth of a second. It is the high power during each pulse that drives the photons, or light energy, to the target tissue, up to 10-13cm (4-5 inches) deep. The TerraQuant's high peak power of up to 50,000mW creates a higher photon density, delivering the highest concentration of photons for healing and providing the deepest tissue penetration. Super pulsed laser strongly influences pain reduction, the improvement of microcirculation and increases cell metabolism in the form of ATP production.
  • Pulsed Broad Band Infrared Emitting Diodes (875nm) penetrate shallower tissue depths than the laser but provide an overall broader spectrum, when compared to laser radiation, by gently heating the surface tissue layer.
  • Pulsed Red Light (660nm) penetrates shallower tissue depth and has beneficial anti-inflammatory effects.

The laser was invented in 1960 and the biostimulative properties of laser light were first discovered in 1967. Therapy lasers have been used in Europe much longer than in the United States. The United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) first cleared therapy lasers in 2002, and Class IV lasers in 2003.

Numerous randomized double blind clinical trials have showed efficacy of the TerraQuant® on various health conditions. An 88% positive effect was demonstrated in studies done on the efficacy of the TerraQuant® in relieving pain caused by arthritis of small and medium joints. There are dozens of additional clinical studies and papers available for your review on this site. In addition to specific studies on the TerraQuant®, over 4,000 studies have been conducted worldwide to validate the effectiveness of laser therapy.

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