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Yes! We Take Medicare

As our bodies change, needs change, and most importantly, our priorities change! Why shouldn't you enjoy the best years of your life after working for so long?

Don't let those nagging aches and pains slow you down. Or keep you from playing with the grandkids, getting in a few rounds of golf or traveling to those exotic locations you've been planning to see for years.

For most men and women over 60 years of age, slowing down is not an option. You may have discovered that life is even busier now then it was just a decade ago. 

  • Are you helping your kids and grandkids with daycare and afterschool activities? Wouldn't it be great if you were those grandparents who could keep up with the fast pace lifestyle that is now the new norm?

  • Are you taking up a new sport now that you have the time to devote to learning and practicing something new? Golf, pickleball, tennis, kayaking, all require learning a new way of moving your body. At Kinetic we help you optimize your body so that it's ready and operating at its best!

  • Are you doing more around the house because you finally have the time and money to do it? Gardening, home repairs, cleaning, and organizing, all can take a toll on the lower back. We have simple solutions to keep you moving and lifting without worrying about your 'back going out' again.

At Kinetic, we know how to get you moving and keep you moving.

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You don't need to do countless exercises, drastically change your lifestyle, face invasive procedures, or even surgery as you get older. These problems do get worse if you do nothing, but they do get better when you take action.  

In our first conversation, we discover the right fit for you. Your complimentary discovery visit takes about 20 minutes. You are welcome to come to the clinic, or we can talk over the phone. We'll make a plan that fits with your lifestyle and gets you back to living your best life as quickly as possible.

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